Month: May 2019

“Nephilim” Review: “Great read, no matter your religious beliefs / background.”

Nephilim eBook Cover

Nephilim eBook Cover

Nephilim has been out for over a year and sales and reviews have almost stopped, but I just noticed this review at Goodreads:

[user] rated it: it was amazing!
Mormon YA Sci Fi?

Great story that was interesting and full of action, a bit on the pg-13 side…

The story nicely intertwined real Mormon / US history, with two teens fighting evil and temptation. The story was much better than I expected, and I’m glad I read it. I’m not Mormon, so I did not expect to enjoy the story this much. Great read, no matter your religious beliefs / background.

Some readers felt the history and religious background deterred them from reading, but others found it an important backdrop for the story. Can’t satisfy everyone — there are plenty of YA paranormal books that just borrow the supernatural background from previous works, and some readers just want to get to the action.

The book is available at Amazon:

Nephilim ebook

6″x9″ Trade Paperback at Amazon

Also as a trade paperback at Barnes & Noble:

6″x9″ Trade Paperback at Barnes & Noble