“Nephilim” — Call for Beta Readers

Nephalim cover mockup

Nephalim cover mockup

Call for beta readers for “Nephilim,” a short (72K words), sophisticated-YA (some mild sex, high school setting) Mormon Gothic (culturally appropriates Mormon history, doctrine, and mythology), paranormal (demons and angels) romance and adventure. With a science fictional wrapper.

If you’d like to beta-read the book and can have comments back to me about a week from now, email me at specifying the format you prefer (Word, pdf, ePub, kindle) and I’ll send you the beta.


Mt. Hermon, Utah, is the ideal small town — until forces of darkness from deep beneath the mountain lead its people astray.

Sara is the new kid in town — moved with her divorced mother from a wealthy Long Island town, her Jewish roots are no help when a relentless angel comes calling.

Jared has lived there all his life, and his addiction to online games and porn has his grades tumbling and his Mormon family worried.

Together Jared and Sara fight the battle of their lives against spirits from the Underworld who are trying to return to rule the world.